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Virtual Capital Campaigns

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Virtual Church Capital Campaign

We are the leading specialists in Virtual Capital Campaigns. 

Implementing Virtual Campaigns since 2008!

Save Money and Time with a Virtual Church Capital Campaign

Our fully Virtual Church Capital Campaign consultation will save your church thousands of dollars on fees and travel expenses.

You still get a real, living, expert consultant for inspiration, training, and guidance. 

The Virtual Campaign provides the same amount of support as our standard consultation, except that it’s all delivered by telephone, email, and web conferencing. And it works for any size church.

This program is designed for churches that are comfortable with virtual methods of communication and who want to get the greatest return for the smallest possible financial investment.

How this is different from other programs: Virtual training (telephone, email, video conference). No onsite visits by consultant. No travel expenses.

Virtual Capital Campaign Testimonials

Our Virtual Campaign Raised More than 2x Annual Giving in 3-Year Commitments

Annual budget: $375,000
Campaign Goal: $761,125
Amount raised: 3-year Commitments: $840,000

We at Rock Harbor Church used the Abundant Giving Virtual campaign and were very excited to receive more than twice our annual giving in three-year commitments! We couldn’t have done this without Abundant Giving’s professional help. Dr. Rod Rogers allowed us to adapt the program to our unique church culture and needs and was always available when we needed him. We were especially pleased with the quality of the communications materials and the help of the graphics design associate Steve Lee–he was great to communicate with, always “on,” flexible and went above and beyond to assist us. I highly recommend this Bible-based capital campaign program.

Monica Vendsel, Campaign Director, Rock Harbor Church, Bakersfield, CA 

Our Virtual Campaign Produced an Abundance

We are very pleased with the campaign.  From my perspective as Sr. Pastor, the manual [now online] was most helpful because it laid out a very simple easy-to-follow path that produced results.  From our Campaign Director’s perspective, our consultant, Rod Rogers, was the most helpful because he was able to answer questions, bring clarity, and provide just enough accountability to keep things moving in the right direction. It is hard to see anything that could be improved upon; it produced more than what we needed and went very smoothly. 

Pastor Jason Meechan, Sr., Pastor, Kona Faith Center, Kealakekua, Hawaii

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