N&F Study – The Process

Needs & Feasibility Study – The Process

 I collect information before making a personal visit to your church. Then I make a two to four-day visit to gather more information through interviews and observations. After the visit I continue collecting needed information. Then, I prepare a report with my recommendations and send them to you. Finally, I discuss my report and recommendations by email, phone, video calls and/or in a second personal visit to your church.

Needs & Feasibility Process Overview

  • Pre-visit information gathering
  • On-site Visit: Consultant gathers information
  • Post-visit information gathering
  • Report prepared
  • Consultant presents his report and recommendations to staff, leadership boards, the building committee, and the congregation

 Needs and Feasibility Information Gathered

  • Vision and mission
  • Programs and ministries
  • Attendance history
  • Financial reports
  • Current building layout (if the church owns its own facility)

 Needs and Feasibility Process in Detail

  • Pre-meeting information gathering, including review of church vision, mission, culture, demographics, and goals
  • On-site information gathering:
    • Meetings and interviews with staff and ministry leaders, stakeholders, and influencers, members (representative cross-section)
    • A visioning session with staff and ministry leaders
    • Review of current and potential future ministries, programs, and other church activities to determine facility-related requirements
  • Professional congregational survey (pre- or post-visit)
  • Attendance and church demographic review, analysis, and projection.
  • Financial review, analysis, and projection
  • Review of current building utilization
  • Report and recommendation containing, but not limited to:
    • Ministry space plan requirements
    • Land and parking requirements
    • Analysis of current and future financial ability
    • Congregational survey results
    • Readiness to build analysis
    • Executive summary including recommendations and next steps
  • Education and orientation for staff, boards, and building committee

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