Church Construction Book / Church Building Guide

This book may be the best investment you make in your entire church building program.

This book is a trivial investment that can save you time, effort, stress, and precious dollars in your church construction effort.Church Building Guide - Preparing to Build

  • 3rd edition – 200 pages, with numerous illustrations
  • Forward by Dr. Paul Smith, Sr. Pastor Crosspoint Alliance Church
  • 3 Appendices, including a readiness to build assessment
  • Available in paperback or eBook form (Purchase)
  • Free 53 Page Preview (Download pdf)

Thanks for cutting through all of the baloney out there and getting to the point. I spent hours on the internet trying to get good unbiased information on building a church. When I was almost ready to give up, I happened upon a one-page document you had written of concise guidelines for building a church. I learned more in five minutes from that page than I had learned in the previous five hours. I ordered your book and got a real education in this whole process we are embarking on!” – M. Briney

Preparing to Build is a comprehensive church building guide that will help prepare your church for a building program.

As a book on church construction, it is a ‘must read’ for any church that is planning on building in the next few years.  

Preparing to Build will help your church…

  • Understand practical guidelines for church construction.
  • Understand the proper steps in a church building program.
  • Understand what the church can reasonably expect to borrow.
  • Describe how to develop a preliminary church construction budget.
  • Understand what to expect from a church capital campaign.
  • Understand how to evaluate architects and builders.
  • Understand various church financing options.
  • Avoid common mistakes and pitfalls in church design & construction.
  • Understand various methods of contracting for construction.
  • Determine your readiness to build through the included assessment.

As a result, your church will…

  • Know how to move forward with confidence.
  • Save money in church design & construction.
  • Reduce the amount of time & effort you will have to invest.
  • Reduce the amount of stress and worry.
  • Reduce the uncertainty of what to build and why.
  • Properly equip your leadership and building or long-range planning committee.
  • Be more satisfied with the outcome of the building program.

Topics Covered (partial list)

  • The role of vision and mission in a church building program.
  • Determining project feasibility.
  • Ascertaining needs and separating them from wants.
  • Financial preparedness.
  • Financing church construction.
  • Raising money to build – the church capital campaign.
  • Things to consider when searching for a church architect.
  • Church construction contracting methodologies.
  • Church design & construction guidelines.
  • Church construction contracting methodologies.

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