Marvelously Successful

“As a fellowship that had never undertaken a capital campaign, I think we all had reservations that such a thing would be a pressure, not a pleasure!  Working with Steve Anderson of AMI Church Consulting Services turned out to be a wonderful, and blessed, surprise. Steve was patient, organized, guiding without being controlling, and always “on call.” He also kept the focus on this as part of our walk with God, showing us how a capital campaign was more than a program, it was one way God works out His purpose in His people.

As a result we not only had a marvelously successful campaign, but we also grew both individually and corporately. I can heartily recommend Steve both professionally and personally. A year later he continues to be both a mentor and a brother. We are grateful to God for bringing Steve and AMI to our fellowship!”

Pastor Wayne McDonald, Metrocrest Community Church, Coppel TX

2011 Update

A couple years back you led us through our first-ever capital campaign. May/June of 2012 will be the end of that, and our plans have taken quite the turn. First, our current pledges are running at nearly 100 percent in follow-through. That has built a cash reserve that we thought was going to be applied to our first building project. In God’s providence, this July a local area church contacted us. For a variety of reasons, they have chosen to close. They asked if we were interested in their existing facility! Long story short, we are acquiring an existing church for half what it was going to cost to build our own! And because of the good work you led us through, and the continuing faithfulness of God’s people, the funds were available to make this happen! Thank you for being such a huge contributor to God’s work in our midst. Without your leadership and counsel we would not have been in this position. God has used you to bless us, and we pray His blessings upon you! Well done !

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