Using a church capital campaign as a fund raiser for a building fund or retire debt

Is There A Biblical Basis For A Church Capital Campaign?

I love it when people object to a capital campaign because they don't see the term in the scriptures. It presents a wonderful teaching opportunity on a topic that is very dear to God, the stewardship of our money. I am quick to let people know that the word "trinity" does not appear anywhere in the scriptures, yet it is a fundamental doctrine of Christianity.

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Capital Campaign Feasibility Study

Whether you are trying to raise money for construction, renovation, purchasing land, or retiring debt; in almost every case the church will need to execute a biblical capital campaign to help raise money. Prior to embarking on a campaign, the church may be advised to first conduct a capital campaign feasibility study to assess congregational readiness and support, identify financial goals, and begin to create support for the campaign. A study will uncover potential issues and help optimize the results before embarking on the active phase of the campaign.

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