Exceeded Our Expectations

The Weed Berean Church was blessed by the Lord with wonderful results in our church capital campaign. We exceeded our campaign goals and the results would not have been possible without the guidance from Steve Anderson.

Throughout all phases of the campaign, Steve provided critical and tactful input and encouragement. Answers to questions were given in a very timely and thorough manner. His guidance and advice were given in a manner that helped hold us accountable and done with much encouragement. In addition, Steve’s input was always insightful and, most importantly, grounded in the Word. Surprisingly, the capital campaign attracted new members as visitors were attracted to a church that was growing and doing things. How the campaign was handled was an attraction, the campaign was so grounded in the Word it did not offend visitors, but encouraged them to join our church.

Having never done a Capital Campaign before it was critical to have professional consultation in order to conduct a successful campaign. Steve provided the consultation we very much needed, and as stated above, the results would not have been possible without him. We praise the Lord for how He blessed the campaign and how He is helping us grow in many areas, but especially about worshiping Him through our giving to His work.

Michael Deross, Capital Campaign Chair – January 2013


The church shared with me a reference they provided another church.

I very much recommend Steve to you. He worked very closely with me and our team on each step of our campaign – planning, Kickoff Event, preaching, teaching, publicity, follow-up, etc. He was instrumental with helping to put together a timeline that fit our timeframe, and which included all of the phases. He also was a tremendous help to me to ensure I knew my role and could help our team stay on schedule. He continues to stay in touch with me, reminding us of the monthly/quarterly reports that need to be communicated to our church.

The only thing I would change is to be ensure there is enough time for planning prior to the Kickoff Event, and to get your team on board prior to the planning phase beginning. That was our issue, not Steve’s.

We would definitely want Steve to help us with future campaign.