Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign

Church Capital Campaign – What’s Included

Major Components – Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign

For each of the 3 options, your capital campaign will include at a minimum the following components (scroll down for additional details):

Comprehensive Church Capital Campaign Resources

Abundant Giving Online Client Resource and Support Center

The online Abundant Giving Training and Resources Center serves as both road map and compass for the spiritual journey you are about to undertake in your campaign.  The foundation of these detailed resources is, of course, the clear examples and precepts found in Scripture. Combined with this timeless wisdom is the step-by-step process derived from the proven best practices from other churches’ campaigns.

At the core of the process is a week-by-week, job description-by-job description, step-by-step process that leads each of the campaign sub-committees or teams through the campaign one step at a time. Each step and task is explained in detail.

The online documentation is a “living document” which is continually being updated with new and expanded information so you will always have the benefit of the most current and up-to-date campaign information.

The Abundant Giving Capital Campaign is a complete, self-contained capital stewardship program that is suitable for almost any sized church. From a week-by-week, task-by-task road map and timeline to sample materials from other campaigns, Abundant Giving is essentially a church capital campaign in a box backed up with the experienced coaching and assistance of a professional campaign consultant.  The creation of your communication materials is included: just add preaching, people, printing, and postage and you are on the way to a spiritually and financially successful campaign.

Ongoing Capital Campaign Consulting Support

The best directions are only as good as your understanding and implementation of them. The wise counsel of an experienced capital campaign consultant is invaluable to help you adapt a proven process to the unique culture and circumstances in your church. The consulting is the glue that binds all of the components into a seamless solution for your church. Experience has shown that for most campaigns, a church capital campaign consultant does not need to be on-site 6, 8, or 10 times.

Included in the base program is support by phone and email during the Organization, Preparation and Execution of your capital campaign, plus three years of follow-up during the collection period. On-site training and support are customized for each church, according to its needs and abilities. We also offer remote training and support via tele- or video conference. A typical engagement may include on-site visits for:

Church Capital Campaign Communication Materials

Standard Communications Material Package

Part of every successful capital campaign is communication materials.  Campaign communication materials ensure “top of mind” awareness of the campaign and explain the need for and the vision for the project.  

Included is access to a library of professionally crafted, full-color capital campaign themes and logos, from which you will select the visual theme for your campaign communication materials.  Also included in the package is professional layout assistance that will provide your church with digital artwork ready to be printed by the printer of your choice.  All of this is included at no additional charge as part of your capital campaign services! 

The Core Components of Every Abundant Giving Capital Campaign:

What’s Included

  1. Client only training & Resource Web Site
  2. Organizational chart & job descriptions
  3. Customized timeline and week-by-week task list
  4.  Sunday school/small group stewardship Bible study materials
  5. Sample communication materials from other church campaigns
  6. Sample audio sermons, written sermons, and sermon notes
  7. Sample letters from the Pastor
  8. Sample Forms
  9. Complete Communications Materials Package (** see details, below)
  10. Your choice of capital campaign themes from a library of nearly 300 themes
  11. Choice of 150+ capital campaign logos
  12. Customization of them, logo, text content, and images
  13. Text and image layout by a professional graphic artist
  14. Articles and newsletter content
  15. Worship bulletin inserts
  16. Stewardship devotional that may be printed or sent digitally
  17. Virtual and/or on-site consultation, coaching, training, and support – customized to your abilities, timeline, and budget
  18. Phone and email support from a professional capital campaign consultant during the Planning and Execution phases of the capital campaign
  19. Timeline and task management
  20. Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual follow-up plan for three years 
  21. … and so much more
** Included in the Abundant Giving basic communications material package are:

Also included are examples of real communication materials created by other churches in their campaigns. These real-life examples will give you ideas of how other churches handled the challenge and will help you visualize how your communication materials will look.

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