Get answers to some of your most frequently asked church capital campaign questions. Such as the what’s included and how we differ from other consultants.


How Long Does a Church Capital Campaign Take?

When preparing for a church capital campaign, time is your friend. Time is a critical factor in taking your church capital campaign from good to great. Depending on the size of the church, it can take 3 to as much as 12 months to give yourself (and the church) time to prepare for and execute a capital campaign.

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How Does Yours Compare to Other Church Capital Campaign Programs?

There are a lot of capital campaign companies, some of them quite expensive, that will help your church with a capital campaign. Since almost every campaign consulting firm follows the same basic process that is based on best practices, how do you compare and select the one that is best for your church campaign? While price will play a role, it should not be the deciding factor. You need to find a firm and consultant that is a good spiritual and personality fit for your church and that is flexible in their ability to provide you the level of service you require.

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