Get answers to some of your most frequently asked church capital campaign questions. Such as the what’s included and how we differ from other consultants.


Church Capital Campaign – What’s Included

The Abundant Giving Capital Campaign is a complete capital stewardship program that scales to fit any size of church. Everything is included - from a step-by-step road map, ALL your communication materials, sample letters, the experienced coaching and assistance to maximize the results, and much more!

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Are Church Capital Campaigns Biblical?

I love it when people object to a capital campaign because they don't see the term in the scriptures. It presents a wonderful teaching opportunity on a topic that is very dear to God, the stewardship of our money. I am quick to let people know that the word "trinity" does not appear anywhere in the scriptures, yet it is a fundamental doctrine of Christianity.

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Can’t We Just Buy a Book or Go to a Stewardship Seminar?

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Can't we just buy a book or read on the internet about how to run a campaign, or perhaps send someone to a 1-day capital campaign seminar? There are a plethora of options ranging from talking to some other churches about their campaign and trying to figure it out your self, to books and tapes, to 1 and 2-day seminars

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