Preparing to Build a Church?

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From concept to completion, your church will not undertake a more demanding or complicated task in terms of money, risk, and effort than it will in a church building program. Preparing to Build will educate and guide the church through the process of becoming prepared to build in a manner that will save time and reduce costly mistakes.If your church is considering a building program, Preparing to Build is an invaluable resource for equipping church leadership, church staff, or building committees on what to do, how to do it, and the right order in which to do things.

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Church Capital Campaign Consulting Fees – Are They Worth It?

When considering capital campaign consulting services, cost often becomes a subject of debate which fails to focus on the correct factors. Most often the church does not like to spend money; it is typically frugally minded. This is not a bad thing, however sometimes it is pursued to a fault. While stewardship demands due consideration be given to the cost of the investment, the church does itself a disservice by focusing on the cost of the service and not on the net value the value gained from the capital stewardship engagement. The church can easily avoid this snare.

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Includes Complete Suite of Capital Campaign Communication Materials

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Themed communication materials are a key component in the church’s capital campaign. How do we make this very complex and intimidating graphic design process as simple as possible? We start by providing you access to a library of over 250 capital campaign themes and logos to help brand your church’s fundraising effort. These themes and logos are tailored with your message to create a presentation as unique as your church. With the graphic design and layout services, we also actively assist in content development to create a message that is as clear and compelling as it is attractive.

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Church Capital Campaign – What’s Included

The Abundant Giving Capital Campaign is a complete capital stewardship program that scales to fit any size of church. Everything is included - from a step-by-step road map, ALL your communication materials, sample letters, the experienced coaching and assistance to maximize the results, and much more!

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