Developing a Culture of Giving Through Your Church Capital Campaign

There are two things that most churches don't seem to have an abundance of; people to do the work and the money to fund the ministry. Properly done, the development of a culture of generosity can solve both of these issues. That is because each of the issues of giving of time, gifting, and money flow originate in the same place - the heart. If we can address the heart and help everyone recognize their calling and gifting for good works, generosity will flow.

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Church Capital Campaign Consulting Fees – Are They Worth It?

When considering capital campaign consulting services, cost often becomes a subject of debate which fails to focus on the correct factors. Most often the church does not like to spend money; it is typically frugally minded. This is not a bad thing, however sometimes it is pursued to a fault. While stewardship demands due consideration be given to the cost of the investment, the church does itself a disservice by focusing on the cost of the service and not on the net value the value gained from the capital stewardship engagement. The church can easily avoid this snare.

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