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Includes Complete Suite of Capital Campaign Communication Materials

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One key component of any church capital campaign is the themed capital campaign communication materials.  The Abundant Giving Capital Campaign includes your choice of professionally designed capital campaign theme along with the professional layout and formatting of your custom text and pictures to produce print-ready campaign materials, ready to go to press.

How do we make this complex and often intimidating task simple?

We start by providing you access to a library of over 250 capital campaign themes and logos to help brand your church’s fundraising effort. These themes and logos are tailored with your message to create a presentation as unique as your church.  With the graphic design and layout services, we also actively assist in content development to create a message that is as clear and compelling as it is attractive.

To have these quality materials custom designed would cost at least $3,600 and could cost as much as $9,000 – but you get them included in the cost of your turn-key capital campaign program.

Standard Capital Campaign Communication Materials Package

Included in the Abundant Giving Church Capital Campaign (except Small Church Edition) are the following basic communication pieces common to almost every campaign campaign (the Small Church Version typically requires fewer components).  Your church will select a capital campaign theme from a supplied library which will be applied to each of these communication materials. Out templates are semi-custom, meaning much of the layout is templated, but you can add your own text content and images to make it uniquely yours!  This greatly cuts down on the cost, time and effort to develop your campaign materials while also insuring you get a high quality solution.

Abundant Giving includes a basic set of communication materials that will meet the requirements for most capital campaigns. Your church, however, may add additional pieces “a la cart” working directly with our exclusive graphic artist partner, Catalyst Faithworks.

Standard Set of Capital Campaign Communications Materials INCLUDED!

Sample themed church capital campaign materials
Select From Over 250 Capital Campaign Themes!


Communication is Vital to a Successful Capital Campaign

Communication happens a number of ways and in a church capital campaign, and it is vital that you communicate well in each of those ways.  The three methods of communicating are graphically, verbally, and textually.  You communication materials are the key to graphically and textually communicating the message in a clear, concise, and compelling manner.

In order to achieve maximum results, your campaign communication materials should be professional & qualify in appearance.  If you are committed to raising several hundred thousand or millions of dollars, your materials should reflect this in both workmanship and content.  In other words, if you are going to have a million dollar campaign, you should have materials that look like a million bucks!  If you don’t put an appropriate amount care and attention into your communication materials you send the subliminal message that this campaign is not that important.  If your campaign is the biggest thing you have ever done, the materials should reflect this, it should not be business as usual for something so important.

Sample Capital Campaign Themes

Faith_Center_Ministries Church Capital campaign theme
Themed Capital Campaign Materials With Optional Components
Providence_Baptist Capital campaign theme
Themed Capital Campaign Materials –  Fewer Options
Secure Hand church capital campaign theme
Themed Capital Campaign Materials – A Good Start
GloriousChurchSteeple church capital campaign theme
Themed Capital Campaign Materials  – A Good Start



Please contact us with any question about capital campaign themes or communication materials.