Capital Campaign Options

capital campaign optionsAbundant Giving is unique in providing a wide range of delivery options for a church capital campaign.  These options allow you to get the best capital fundraising solution that will meet your church’s unique needs and budget.  We provide capital fundraising solutions as unique as your church.

With the variety of options available, you can trust our experienced capital stewardship consultants to meet both your campaign budget and ongoing support needs. We will work with you to determine which solution is the best for your church and then work with your church to achieve a spiritually and financially successful conclusion to your capital campaign.

Our Capital Campaigns – What’s Included

Regardless of the size of your church, your experience at fundraising, your campaign goals, or giving patterns, the core components of the Abundant Giving Capital Stewardship program are essentially the same for all of our service offerings.  These core components will be customized or scaled to the church, but all are a fundamental part of every capital campaign. 

The Core Components of Every Abundant Giving Capital Campaign:

  • First, and foremost, every campaign is based on two fundamental pillars: The Word of God and Best Practices.
    • God’s word: Abundant Giving has as its central verse 2 Corinthians 9:8, “And God is able to make all grace abound toward you; that you, always having all sufficiency in all things, may abound to every good work.” The most effective encouragement for sacrificial giving comes directly from the unchanging Word of God.  
    • Best practices: Those ever changing methods of effectively communicating these spiritual truths in a relevant manner, that have proven effective in promoting sacrificial giving.
  • Pre-campaign organization, timeline development, and goal setting including job descriptions and organizational chart.
  • Abundant Giving Campaign Client Resource Site with all materials available Online.
  • Ongoing coaching, training, and support.
  • Periodic follow-up over the whole giving period (typically 3 years).
  • Choice of themed capital campaign communications materials customized for your church.
  • Digital press ready artwork, ready for professional printing or in-house printing.
  • Curriculum for small group/Sunday school stewardship studies.
  • eBook: Pastor Driven Stewardship: 10 Steps to Lead Your Church to Biblical Giving by Dr. Rod Rogers, with training and sermons for the pastor. 
  • Sample materials, resources for directors, articles, forms, letters, and examples from other church capital campaigns.
  • Telephone and email support.

Campaign Options

We offer solutions for every budget, circumstance, and size of church.  Abundant Giving has been used by churches as small as 60 in attendance, to raising over $9.5 million in a single church campaign. Which of these church capital campaign options most interests you?

Option 1: Virtual Abundant Giving Campaign

Our fully virtual Capital Campaign consultation will save your church thousands of dollars on fees and travel expenses. The Virtual Abundant Giving Campaign provides exactly the same amount of support as our other consultations, except that it’s all delivered by telephone, email, and web conferencing. And it will work for any size church. 


Our Campaign Produced an Abundance: We are very pleased with the campaign.  From my perspective as Sr. Pastor, the manual [now online] was most helpful because it laid out a very simple easy-to-follow path that produced results.  From our Campaign Director’s perspective, our consultant, Rod Rogers, was the most helpful because he was able to answer questions, bring clarity, and provide just enough accountability to keep things moving in the right direction. It is hard to see anything that could be improved upon; it produced more than what we needed and went very smoothly. Pastor Jason Meechan, Sr., Pastor, Kona Faith Center, Kealakekua, Hawaii

Created for: This program is designed for churches that are comfortable with virtual methods of communication and who want to get the greatest return for the smallest possible financial investment.

 What makes it different from other programs: Virtual training (telephone, email, video conference). No onsite visits by consultant. No travel expenses.

Option 2: Two-visit, Onsite Abundant Giving Campaign

Includes two onsite training visits of 2 to 4 days by consultant.

Created for: Churches that prefer face to face interaction and want the fuller understanding of the church, deeper personal relationships, greater accountabilityand increased inspiration and motivation that can be developed in onsite visits by the consultant.

What makes it different from other programs: Two onsite visits and training by consultant for in-person training, accountability, and encouragement.

Option 3: Multi-Visit, Onsite Abundant Giving Campaign

Includes up to five onsite visits, of 2 to 4 days each, by consultant for orientation, training, encouragement and accountability.

Created for: Churches with campaigns having an added level of complexity due to tight time lines, higher giving goals, past issues with fundraising, limited staff availability, or other factors. This customized campaign provides a higher level of onsite assistance and consultant involvement in the day to day, and week by week, execution of the campaign to ensure the highest level of spiritual and financial benefit to the church.

What makes it different from other programs: Up to five onsite visits and training by consultant to ensure maximum results.

Combine Annual Giving and Capital Campaign Programs

If your church would like to increase giving to the general fund and then run a capital campaign in 6-12 months, we can provide a comprehensive stewardship solution.  This would typically consist of a spring stewardship program designed to increase general fund giving followed by a capital campaign in the fall.  In a similar fashion, we can offer the annual stewardship in the fall and the capital campaign in the spring of the following year.  The campaign will build upon the success and precepts taught in the annual stewardship program.  The annual stewardship series is highly effective, with the normal range of ANNUALIZED giving increasing by 10-30%.  

Contact us today to request a no obligation review of your church’s situation.

Church Capital Campaign – What’s Included

The Abundant Giving Capital Campaign is a complete capital stewardship program that scales to fit any size of church. Everything is included - from a step-by-step road map, ALL your communication materials, sample letters, the experienced coaching and assistance to maximize the results, and much more!

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