A Biblical Method for Increasing Weekly Giving

annual stewardship

Increase General Fund Giving 10%-30% in Just 5 Weeks!

In addition to church capital campaign consulting, we also offer annual stewardship consulting either as part of a comprehensive stewardship solution or as a stand-alone engagement.  While a capital campaign will encourage people to give above and beyond their tithes and offerings for the campaign period, an effective annual stewardship series will change people for life! Grunge Rubber Stamp "Giving"

  • The 5-week Dynamic Giving System™ has helped over 3,000 churches in more than 25 countries increase giving by 15 to 160 percent.
  • In the United States, churches typically see increases in tithes and offerings of 20-60% on an annualized basis, all from a single 5-week stewardship program!   

Imagine What Even a Modest 25% Increase in Tithes and Offerings Could Mean to Your Ministry! 

While you are almost certainly going to experience an increase of 20% or more, our Annual Stewardship Program has been proven to provide annualized increases to general fund giving of over 50%.  The author of this program increased giving in his church 105% in 3-years using this biblical teaching approach!

Transform Your Church through Increased Giving

“Our general fund offerings for the month of May showed a 57% increase over our average monthly offerings for both the past fiscal and calendar year. The past three years, our giving had been stagnant at best. We are even more thrilled by the spiritual growth we see in our people.”  Dr. David Asch, Calvary Church

“We not only exceeded our current capital campaign goal, but we also experienced a 55% increase in our general fund giving as a result of their Dynamic Giving coaching this spring. Even more exciting are the testimonies from our folks, they have been impacted for life! ”   Pastor Mark Stump, Gassaway Baptist

Churches who have accepted our consulting have found:

  • Their people grew spiritually and gave cheerfully
  • Their people became more excited about and involved in the ministries of the church
  • Their ministries expanded due to increased giving, increased enthusiasm, and more people getting involved in ministry
  • The Pastor’s personal leadership credibility grew dramatically

All this benefit from just one consulting investment.


They Don’t Teach This in Seminary!

Biblically encouraging congregants to give is perhaps the most under-taught pastoral skill of our generationAs a result, many pastors today are afraid and/or unequipped to encourage their congregation in this spiritual discipline, to the detriment of both the givers and the ministry.  We Can Help!

We guide the pastor and staff in implementing the ten-step Dynamic Giving System™, a biblical and proven general fund stewardship program that can (and probably should) be used annually thereafter. Once you have received the materials and coaching, there is nothing to keep you from doing the same year after year. 

Contact us to learn more about how your church can develop more cheerful givers or to schedule a complimentary pastor to pastor consultation with Dr. Rod Rogers, author of the program and pastor with over 30 years experience.