An Extraordinary And God Honoring Campaign

“Steve Anderson was incredible as a representative of CDS. As [I was] a reluctant [volunteer] Capital Campaign Director, Steve gave me more help, assistance and direction than I ever thought was necessary. His leadership skills were proof of his incredible knowledge base, which helped Riverside excel at a faster pace than we thought was possible. His ability to critically review, systematically organize, and logically implement and guide was simply extraordinary. This was a truly biblical approach to fundraising, which made it enjoyable, yet challenging.

The most impressive and in my opinion the most critically imperative component of Steve’s guidance, was to honor and bring God glory during the process. Because of his guidance, I believe Riverside grew spiritually and was able to overcome a myriad of obstacles while uniting the church as the body of Christ. I look forward to our continued journey over the next three years and I treasure the opportunity which was afforded me to befriend a brother in Christ.

I will recommend Abundant Giving without reservation or hesitation to any organization who desires intellectual honesty, Christlike integrity and character, exponential spiritual growth and guidance while working toward a financial goal.”

Johan Adendorf, Campaign Chair, Riverside Church of Christ, Layfeytte, LA


The church shared with me a reference they provided to another church.

Steve has always been approachable, honest, forthcoming, positive. His ability to anticipate future events and proactively plan to overcome obstacles Riverside did not anticipate was simply amazing. Steve’s Godly wisdom that he demonstrated throughout our working relationship was evidence of the years of experience in this field. I must warn you that Steve will advise you honestly and to the best of his ability, as he will not tell you what you would like to hear, but what you need to hear to successfully complete your project. Steve’s ability to critically review, objectively analyze and systematically implement is proof of his competence and years of experience. He will keep you on your toes and focused to achieve the best possible result.