Church Fund Raising

The single most effective church fund raising program to raise money for a building fund is a capital campaign.

Church Fundraising Cookies

Churches do fundraisers for a variety of reasons and using a variety of fundraising programs. Church fund raising programs include bake sales, selling cookbooks, candy bars, or cookie dough.  Churches also sell pies or do the infamous chicken or spaghetti dinner fundraiser. Trust us when we say that you have to sell a LOT of candy bars or BBQ dinners to make even a small dent in a church building fund budget!

If your church needs to raise money for their building fund, the most effective fund raising program will be a church capital campaign.  Make no mistake, no other method is as effective, either financially or spiritually.

If you are looking to raise money to build a church, there is no other method that will raise as much money
or is biblically sound as that of a properly run church capital campaign.

Capital Fund Raising Campaign

Capital projects (such as construction, renovation, relocation) require a great deal of fundraising, something that is difficult for the church by selling candy bars or chicken dinners.  After all, one might well imagine it takes a lot of candy bars or chicken dinners to build a church building!  When the church is selling a fundraiser product, it is essentially trading a product for cash.  Not only does it have to move a lot of “product” to raise any significant amount of money, there is no spiritual component to fundraising in this manner.  It’s just a business transaction that people can feel good about.  A truly successful capital fundraising campaign will produce both spiritual as well as financial fruit.

If you are looking to raise money for your building fund or other capital expense, you need to look beyond the bake sale and chicken dinners.  You need to look for a church fund raising solution that will provide the maximum spiritual and financial benefit! The money you need to build is sitting right in front of you each Sunday.  Follow this link for more information on biblical fund raising.

Church Fund Raising For Programs and Ministries

As any Google search will prove, there are any number of church fundraisers that can raise money for things like youth programs, mission trips, and other programs and ministries.  These church fundraisers can include reselling products like cookie dough, cookbooks, candles, pizza, candy bars, popcorn, etc.  Other church fundraisers can include things like car washes, rent-a-teen, rummage sales, or bake sales.  We do not discourage these types of fundraisers for the uses stated at the beginning of this paragraph; nor do we discourage them from use in a building program, with one caveatthe church capital campaign must come first and be the focus and priority of the church, what you do after that  is merely icing on the cake.

What is a Church Capital Campaign?

A church capital campaign is a carefully choreographed spiritual endeavor that produces spiritual and financial fruit through a dedicated offering above and beyond the current tithes and offerings. A professionally facilitated church capital campaign will typically raise between one and three times the church’s current annual income over a traditional 3-year giving period. A capital campaign is an important part of every church’s financial strategy to raise money for construction or to retire debt.

A biblical capital campaign will Honor God and respect your congregation. A proper church capital campaign will first bear spiritual fruit that leads to increased giving of the members’ time, treasure and talents in supporting the church’s vision and mission.

In summary, if you are looking to raise significant money to purchase land, build a church, renovate, or even retire debt, the best church fund raising program is a church capital campaign.